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Dorset Arbour with Storage box

Arbour with storage box

Technical Information

• Under seat storage box

• Box size: 1.20m x 0.54m

• Seat size: 1.20m x 0.35m

• 25mm overhang

Available Sizes

1.56m x 0.67m x 1.99m

Standard Specification

Suitable for all types of weather, the Dorset Arbour is the perfect garden accessory. Sit back and relax in this private, yet comfortable arbour designed with small diamond trellis panels and slatted curved roof. This garden arbour comes with a 1.20m storage box.

Home delivery price £369.99 inc. VAT

Optional Extras

  • Dorset Arbour & cover package £469.99

  • Dorset Arbour & Pad package green £399.99

  • Dorset Arbour & Pad package stone £399.99

  • Dorset Arbour cover £99.99

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