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These Alton Evolution cold frames are made from the same thick and sturdy cedar profiles as the Evolution range of greenhouses, complete with mortice and tennon joints.


Complete with sliding and hinged lids you can open these in a variety of ways including two different heights with the inbuilt cedar props or you can keep them in the closed position but slide them across.


At the final stage of hardening off, you can remove the lids completely by simply sliding off, then the walls of the cold frame provide that bit of shelter and warmth.


​Flexible lid system (hinged, sliding and removable) gives you many different ventilation options.

Bar capping options


The Evolution cold frame comes as a choice of two models – one with cedar capping to retain the glass and one with Aluminium capping.


If you want to retain the natural timber look of your cold frame then you can stick with the cedar capping, however if you want to go for more maintenance free, then you can choose the Aluminium capping system.


Powder coated in the Moss colour, this is designed to blend in perfectly with the cedar both when new and later when the cedar weathers to its natural silvery colour. If you intend to add the Cedar panel upgrade kit, then you will need to use the cedar capping kit.

Optional boarding kit


You can also add the cedar panelling kit for your cold frame, this consists of a full set of boards for all around the cold frame, all made from quality western red cedar.


They can give a cosier area for the plants as the wood insulates, as well as having an attractive appearance.They will, of course, reduce light to your plants.


Luckily, when you add a boarding kit, it is fully flexible.You can just put some of the boards in and leave some sections with just glass in or you can remove the boards and just have all glass.


The way that this works in practice is that the capping holds the glass in and also holds the boards in in a similar way (so to change to boards you need to remove the glass and insert the boards) which is done fairly easily by simply unscrewing the capping and swapping over.

Available sizes:

4 X 2 |

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