If you are looking for a garden building that can be manufactured to suit your individual needs be it for business, leisure or just a personal space then look no further. All our Garden Rooms are produced to meet our customers personal desires and as they are all fully lined, insulated and double glazed using similar techniques and materials as would be found in a modern house they, can be used all year round.
The Pavilion
The Pavilion (12' x 10') shown opposite, shows the full benefits of having glazed fixed panel option. Double doors and five fully glazed panels, all fitted as standard, ensure the occupants can maximise the amount of natural light the position of the building allows. The two eye-level opening vents provide a pleasant and functional methods of ventilation. This Pavilion has been spray painted in spring green and lined with classic cream painted MDF v-grooved wallboard and fitted with our light oak laminate floor giving the whole room a clean and airy feel. This customer decided to have the option of the cedar shingle roof which allowed the building to blend in with the natural surroundings.
The Retreat
The Retreat (12 'x 10') shown opposite is fitted with a standard wide single door (suitable for wheelchair access if required), three windows, all double glazed, and has been finished externally in summer blue with white trims and windows. Internally as with all the Regency Garden Rooms, is fully fitted with a lining board, a breathable membrane to allow air flow within the wall construction, a vapour barrier which prevents moisture entering the building and fully insulated with a fire retardant material throughout. On this occasion the customer decided on the optional cream painted MDF v-grooved wallboard. The layout of the door and the windows was chosen to ensure a large desk would fit under the front windows to allow plenty of natural light in during the day with the additional benefit of the view of their splendid garden. As with the other buildings in the Garden Room range light can be further improved with the addition of Velux roof windows. The overall appearance of the building is further refined by the use of heavy-duty roof tiles and coordinated white guttering.
The Haven
The Haven (16' x 12'6") shown opposite, includes a 3ft deep verandah as standard. This building is enhanced by positioning the double glazed doors in the centre of the building, allowing windows to be placed either side of the entrance. On this occasion the customer chose to position a window in either gable side to give them good views of their surroundings, however, in true bespoke style the windows could be positioned elsewhere in the building if desired. The external timber has been finished in soft sage chosen from our range of nine standard colours, with the windows and trims highlighted in classic cream. The customer decided on the washable white vinyl wallboard option, trimmed in classic cream, to coordinate with the windows and external trims. The shingle roof option was chosen to match a building they already had in their garden.
The Cottage

The Regency Cottage is the ideal choice for a garden room in a more traditional setting, providing the occupants with a cosy yet durable bolt hole to use throughout the seasons. This style of building will nestle in any garden and will enrich its overall appearance.
The (12' x 8') Cottage shown opposite is perfectly balanced with the double glazed eight panel double doors below the dormer shaped roof and the two high windows. A large high window has been added to the side which enables the occupants more natural light in the evenings, however as with all the garden rooms the window heights and widths can be chosen to suit your requirements.
The summer blue and classic cream colour scheme has been chosen from the expensive paint range, and together with the formal black roof tiles creates a stunning effect. However, by painting the building in a single colour and adding optional cedar shingles to the roof a completely different effect can be created for your building.

The Hideaway

The elegantly proportioned and stylish corner room is a building to improve any size or style of garden. Specifically designed to utilise any corner of your garden that is rarely used to its full potential. The Hideaway is ideal for many uses, an inspirational studio, a light and airy workroom, a tranquil office setting or just a place to enjoy an uninterrupted view of your garden.
The (10' x 10') Hideaway shown opposite ensures maximum light enters the whole building by using fixed fully glazed windows and doors at the front with ventilation being provided by two high level opening vents in the back wall.
This particular example has been finished in autumn brown with warm oak on the trims, windows and doors complimenting and adding character and definition to this design. The choice of a red cedar shingled roof completes the stunning overall effect of this building.

All sizes are approximate.
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